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How can Limbiq help you today?

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I want to sell my items or services

Limbiq offers a FREE simple to use sales engine, all you need is an item or service to sell! All sales are handled through your paypal account and there are no charges from us. ... Read More

I have news/PR to share

First log in. Then you may submit your news or press releases at You may include pictures, links etc. All of these tools can be found ... Read More

I need to build a contact list

Building a large contact list is the best way to reach as many people as possible. The best part is its free to send messages to your entire list! First log in and then there ... Read More

I have a website and I need to contact my visitors

If you need a simple and FREE way to contact the visitors that come to your web property, add the L+ widget to your site. ... Read More

I want to share info with people of similar interests

The Business Groups section is designed specifically for people to connect with other people who are looking to share ... Read More

I need to send a mass message

After you log in you will go to here you will be able to mass message ALL of your contacts. ... Read More

I want to promote an event in my town

First log in and visit the clubs section at By creating clubs and managing them online you get to organize local events and either offer them ... Read More

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