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1. March 2021

Container handling 2020: Comparison of the three busiest ports in Europe

In a year as challenging as 2020, also the three busiest ports in Europe felt the Corona crisis strongly in the first half of the year. Nevertheless, they were partly able to catch up in… Continue Reading

25. February 2021

Brexit – changed customs regulations and impact on logistics

Almost two months have passed since the end of the Brexit transition period. A brief review: On 24th December, the EU and the United Kingdom agreed on a trade and cooperation agreement after months of… Continue Reading

Supply Chain
18. February 2021

Building supply chain resilience – what it means and why it matters

The Corona pandemic has brought the topic of supply chain resilience back into sharp focus. Border closures, missing employees and disrupted supply chains are just a few of the examples that led to massive disruptions… Continue Reading

16. February 2021

The Visibility Paradox

The Holy Grail As consumers, when buying stuff online, we are pretty used to receiving an instant order confirmation and a neat little track & trace link. That bit lets us track where our goods… Continue Reading

4. February 2021

Euro-pallet turns 60 years old

Widely used, practical and easy to manufacture: The Euro pallet. This year, the Europool pallet (or shortly Euro-pallet) celebrates its 60th birthday. To mark the occasion, we would like to take a closer look at… Continue Reading

Tracking & Tracing
3. February 2021

Track and Trace: More transparency for supply chain management

Track & Trace is no longer a foreign term to us. But what exactly is it all about? What requirements should a Track & Trace system meet? With a Track & Trace or Tracking and… Continue Reading

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