Please make supply chains more transparent and sustainable today.

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Our vision

We believe that transparency is not only a social and ecological premise for sustainable value chains, but is also a business need for the success of every company.

quality.limbiq is an intelligent node that allows you to reduce the high complexity in the management of quality processes for the first time. We use the latest technologies and open, public interfaces to connect all stakeholders of a supply chain on one central platform.

We offer a variety of quality services that integrate real-time data from all data sources into comprehensive, up-to-date information streams from A to Z – transparent, adaptable and easy to use for everyone, everywhere and at any time.

Our team consists of motivated people: Experienced quality management experts, technical pioneers and visionary entrepreneurs.

We promote an active, open community in which everyone contributes to a constantly growing knowledge base and can share their experiences and methods.

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Our motivation

Everyone wants transparent value chains, but hardly anyone succeeds.


Because the world is colourful, complex and diverse! We do not want to change that either. Instead, we combine this diversity with our many years of experience in the field of value chains and the latest technologies in order to improve the interaction between companies and their partners.

We want to change the way global supply chains are designed for the future and build a community that stands for intelligent and sustainable collaboration.

Are you interested in value chains that are more social and efficient than ever before?

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