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limbiq for Forwarders

Because we make Supply Chain Management Software not only easy and fun, but also deliver tremendous value to our customers.


What is limbiq for Forwarders?

  • A platform to collaborate with your customers for orders and shipments
  • Receive Order and Shipment Information
  • Update shipping information and documents for your customers
  • Upload all relevant documents
  • Use instant in-line chat for clarification
  • Receive updates and alerts on all transactions

How Can Forwarders Collaborate with Customers through Limbiq?

  • limbiq is browser based and easy to use
  • By your customer’s invitation, suppliers can start to collaborate on the platform
  • After receiving the login information, suppliers can start to work in limbiq online

What Are The Benefits For Forwarders?

  • All transactions will take place in limbiq this reduces the amount of e-mails and spreadsheets
  • No more phone calls to ask about status updates
  • All documents for all shipments in one place
  • In-line chat improves the communication with your customers
Invite Your Customer to limbiq or learn what limbiq can do for you.