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Manage all your supply chain processes effortless with our state-of-the-art digital platform and overcome the black box in inbound and outbound logistics.

Why does it matter

Think of easy track & trace like you are familiar with from online shopping. Even today, most times there is still a black box. 

But now, you’ve got full transparency for your B2B-shipments with our super-easy-to-use platform to include all partners along your supply chain with just one click.

What's limbiq? is the very intuitively usable SaaS solution that captures the global flow of goods and information along the entire supply chain in a transparent manner – simply and efficiently.

What's in for me?

We give you full digital control of your logistics processes, let you manage your partners effortless and let you track & trace your global imports and exports end-to-end on purchase order level.

How does it work?

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invite partners

with one click

gain control

and save money

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It's so incredibly simple

  • saves money & time
  • provides real end-to-end visibility
  • on purchase order level
  • is accessible from every device worldwide
  • comes at a fraction of cost of enterprise solutions

How simple is simple?

From importers and shippers to their logistics service providers, the limbiq platform enables all
partners to be integrated without implementation effort. 
It´s incredibly easy with just one click. And it comes at a fraction of cost of standard enterprise software. 

Integrate Partners

Integrate all partners along your supply chain effortless without implementation – free of charge and simply
by e-mail.
It couldn’t be easier.

Track & Trace

limbiq provides you with full end-to-end visibility to your supply chain. Track your deliveries on purchase order level and effectively manage your deliveries. 

Complete Logbook

Get a digital overview and a complete chronological documentation of your entire delivery, end-to-end and including all documents. Not just for one, but for all your deliveries.

Collaboration / Communication

Include all partners with just one click and communicate in real-time via one single platform.

Visibility /

Real end-to-end tracking

Enjoy real end-to-end track-and-trace 
on purchase order level.


Get a full documentation of each shipment including a complete chronological logbook and all documents – accessible with just one click.

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