You are a forwarder

Hey, you’re a forwarder

and your phone’s ringing again. The importer for the pants you are sending from Shanghai to Hamburg is asking where the goods are. It should have been there three days ago. You now go into your TMS and look for the data. Then you can call the importer back just to give him the status of the order. A few minutes later another importer calls you for pens he needs since yesterday. Here, too, you search for the data and pass it on by phone. Service is very important to you, because you also put a lot of effort into it.

You’re thinking, “But that doesn’t have to be the case and these two importers should also be able to get their information from the limbiq Supply Network”. You quickly go to the platform and simply invite them via your partner management. Next time, both importers take the data out of the platform.

Come to our platform with your partners and provide them with an easy way to obtain information.

You are an importer

Hey, you’re an importer

and you’re always on the phone with your partners to find out where your purchase order is.You should have been able to order T-shirts in the online shop a week ago, but they’re not there. Many customers are interested in the T-shirts, but no orders can be placed. Very annoying, because the partners have to be contacted again and again.

You say to yourself “I can call my partners or write an e-mail”. Wait a minute. Where is my contact list again? In the mail program maybe? Or in my contact management? At the end of the day you will look for it in your order, which you have stored in the ERP system. Ah, there’s your supplier! So, now you need the phone number. Let’s go…. At the end you type in all received data all over again into your system, in order to have a current overview.

The other importer is on the limbiq Supply Network. He wants to create a new PO and links all partners to it, which he can take from the PO or transport rate. These are the supplier, the forwarder on site, and the forwarder at the supplier who books the shipment. Three days later, the supplier changes the CRD in the PO. You receive a notification and can react immediately. “Fits”, you write him briefly as a message and the goods arrive on time.

Whether you are a forwarder, supplier or importer, join the limbiq Supply Network, simply invite your partners and make it easier for everyone involved to communicate with each other.