After the last sprints we deployed lots of new features, we reviewed our app and added some further information:

  • In the last sprint we started auditing purchase order and shipment which you can see all in the activities tab. The updated app audits your upload / delete of an attachment at a procurement / shipment and lists the audits in the activities tab.
  • In the past a delivery or shipment was marked as “Arrived” when ETA was reached. Now the status “Arrived” is set when the entered destination date is exceeded. The previous shipment and delivery step “Shipped” is remained during the shipment process between ETD and destination date.
  • Carton is the usual packaging type for hardware. There are also other cases where other packaging types are used. We expanded the packaging type to give you the possibility to set your fitting type on delivery and shipment side.
  • You’re tracking your shipment via shipment id, which could be the BL number. Some transportation modes now allow to have a further carrier reference number. Go to the website of a carrier and search for your shipment by using your shipment order number. Our app allows the forwarder to add the carrier and carrier reference number and gives the importer the possibility of a better tracking.
  • Beside these updates, which you can see in the frontend, we also updated our API documentation. You can import the specification e.g. into your Postman app and try it out.

So check out these new updates in our app and give us feedback – we will be very grateful for your contribution!