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We listed the most common questions here.

How do I change my profile picture?2019-09-23T09:55:37+02:00

At the moment our app uses the power of Gravatar. You will have to create an account at https://gravatar.com/ – optimally you use the same email you registered with limbiq (you can setup different email addresses associated with different pictures). On the gravatar website you can upload a picture to be associated with your email. The next time you login to the limbiq supply network your profile picture should appear in the top right corner of our app.

How can we contact the limbiq support team in case of any further questions?2020-03-23T09:30:40+02:00

You can either call us at +49 203 9287 9872 or send an email to info@nulllimbiq.com, whichever option you prefer. We will get back to you within one workday.

Which browser should i use to access the limbiq supply network?2019-07-05T13:14:58+02:00

We recommend you to use Google Chrome because our main focus lies on this browser. However the limbiq platform works on most common, modern browsers.

What happens after the trial period?2019-07-03T13:19:53+02:00

Easy, one of two things will happen. Either you stop using limbiq and go back to your old ways of doing business. Or (this is the more likely scenario) you subscribe to the limbiq platform because you’re entirely satisfied and convinced with our service.

Why should I register to the limbiq supply network?2020-03-23T12:13:27+02:00

Of course there are obvious reasons such as: 

  • increased transparency & accurate notifications along your supply chain
  • one centralized tool for communication & document exchange
  • standardized workflows
  • ease of use & the beautiful interface

If these benefits did not already convince you completely, you could always just schedule a demo with us right here. This gives us a chance to present you all the different features of the limbiq platform first hand and clear up any remaining uncertainties.

I registered online and want to get started, how do I onboard my business partners?2019-09-23T10:59:36+02:00

In our app you have the option to onboard your business partners via email invite.

Click on the person icon in the left sidebar and the partner invite site will open up. Click on the person icon with a plus right of the headline and a modal will open for you to type in the name and email of your designated partner. Now click on Invite and an email will be generated for you to send via your email client.

How do I change my password?2019-07-03T13:21:10+02:00

You can simply click “Forgot password?” on the login screen and follow the instructions to set up your preferred/customized password.