Every other week we have some exciting news to share. Now the customers not only can use limbiq through a browser but also can integrate through API and use every feature available in our application. On the help desk you find detailed documentation on how to use API and in addition, you can also test every API in the same place before integrating.

We also redesigned Delivery Plan. You can now plan your deliveries, check the statuses of deliveries, post messages and upload any number and any type of files and all in one place. No more jumping between different screens, no more sending emails. All in one place and all with one click.

Want to check these out??? Login at www.limbiq.com and there you are.

Not yet done. One more exciting news to share. We are at RuhrSummit on 29th and 30th of October. Come and talk to us anytime and ask us any question you have.