What a successfull sprint! A lot happened in the last two weeks. We had a booth at the RuhrSummit and our whole team was rotational at the booth to push our platform. Those two days were full of interesting conversations, new learnings and really kind people. Sharing thoughts in the start up scene is always reminding us, why we love our jobs!

But beside that we also improved our platform and added some often requested features.
From now on you’ll get an autocomplete when you want to type in the port of loading or port of arrival. Those suggestions support the whole UN/LOCODE list and prevent mistakes in writing.
Another big topic we finished this sprint is the splitting of shipments. When you created a shipment with more than one container you are now able to move containers to a shipment that will be created afterwards.
We also improved our platform by adding validation at a few spots and fixing some minor bugs.

We are looking forward to the next two weeks as we already planned some new cool features for development. Stay tuned!