limbiq SCM


limbiq SCM

Supply Chain Visibility, Collaboration, Documentation


Date: Wednesday, 21st July 2021

Time: 5 PM (CET)

Duration: 40 minutes

Language: English

Target group: Supply Chain Managers, Purchasers, Logistics Service Providers, Freight Forwarders/3P


How do you answer a simple question “where are my goods?” when your supply chain is so distributed? 

Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration is the fastest growing supply chain market. In particular, B2B SaaS solutions are driving this market’s rapid growth. In the recent years, large corporations have also started investing in supply chain control towers as a way of taking their supply chain program to the next level. However, implementation and use are often associated with high investment costs. We will show you how you can improve supply chain visibility and partner collaboration without large upfront investment. If you are searching for answers to the questions below, this webinar is for you.

  • How can I provide supply chain visibility?
  • How can I collaborate with all my partners?
  • How can I start with the solution tomorrow that I needed yesterday?
  • And most important, how can I relax and have a nice cup of coffee?

This webinar covers:

  • What is meant by visibility, collaboration and supply chain control tower and how important is it for B2B business?
  • How does limbiq SCM work and how does it help your business?
  • How does limbiq work for your partners?

This offer is free of charge for you. Please note that the number of participants in our online seminars is limited. 

We are looking forward to your participation!


Hima Bindu Challa

Hima Bindu Challa is co-founder of and as Full-stack expertise she develops innovative supply chain management software. She has a total of 16 years experience in building SaaS solutions including 11 years in building solely logistics and supply chain SaaS solutions. Hima worked in India and US before moving to Germany and has vast experience internationally. She has a Masters degree in Computer Applications and also holds Bachelor degree in Business Management.

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