Track & Trace


Track & Trace - The Next Generation

A visibility tool of the last decades. What it offers and what more it can offer


Date: Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

Time: 9am (CET)

Duration: 40 minutes

Language: English

Target group: Supply Chain Managers, Purchasers, Logistics Service Providers, Retailers, Freight Forwarders/3PLs


We have all ordered items in the past, may it be something from Asia, within Europe or Americas. 

Track & Trace is no foreign term to us, but what does it actually show us? What does it mean to Track & Trace your package? Is the Track & Trace as we have today sufficient?

Consider the case of a Retailer who sells customized items. Now he has orders from 20 customers each individually customized. Can he now with full confidence promise on-time delivery to each of  the customers ? What depth of Track & Trace would he need to be able to give this promise? 

 Overview of the core topics: 

  • Overseas manufacturing hubs combined with economical transportation, the information Black Box along the route
  • Business risk owing to this Black Box
  • Growing expectations towards shipment tracking, what should the next normal potentially include?

Join us on 23rd February 2021 to discuss advanced Track & Trace, persay, “Track & Trace, The Next Generation”.

This offer is free of charge for you. Please note that the number of participants in our online seminars is limited. We therefore recommend to register as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to your participation!


Bhumija Agrawal has many years of experience as Supply Chain Manager for international logistics companies and as City Logistics Manager for top E-mobility provider.

She has a proven drive, for innovative solutions to the traditional supply chain problems, pivotal to achieving the next level of process optimization.

Bhumija is supporting with the vision of providing an innovative supply chain management software beyond the German borders.

This event is cancelled. Please check our event page for more webinars on supply chain visibility and resilience.