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Orders, Shipments & Cargos

With all orders, shipments and pertaining documents including cargos and SKUs in one central supply chain management platform, you are directly in control and can take action on the elements that need your attention.

Order Management
Shipment Management
Cargo Management
Shipment Management Tool.

Supply Chain Partnermanagement

Simply connect your internal procurement, production, sales or management teams to limbiq and add all external parties like forwarders, carriers, brokers and suppliers. These stakeholders will be able to collaborate with you in real-time thus eliminating the need for calls, e-mails or spreadsheets.

Shipment Management Documentation.

End-To-End SCM Visibility

Have all relevant documents, partners and workflows centrally available. You will always know what status your shipment has and you can track your containers in real-time.

Container Tracking
Vessel Tracking
Port-call Tracking
Shipment Management Tracking.

Supply Chain  Communication

Communicate in real-time with all involved internal and external parties in limbiq. No more email ping-pong across oceans.

Send Tracking links
Inline Chat
E-Mail Alerts
Chat Mockup.

Supply Chain Documentation

Benefit from a complete trail of documents per Order including audit trails who changed what across your entire supply chain.

Deviation alerts
Audit-proof document management
Log book feature
Shipment Management Documentation.

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limbiq Enables Visibility And Collaboration


The Benefits Of Going Truly Digital

Eliminate Spreadsheets, E-mails & Calls

Digitize your workflows and easily streamline your processes

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Foster Internal Collaboration

Every stakeholder has access to the same information thus being able to better plan and forecast as a self-service.

Integrate Partners, Formats and Channels

Regardless of the format, channel or level of maturity. Everything is digital.

Work From A Single Source of Truth

One control tower allows you to manage your digital supply chain effectively

Lower Safety Stock Levels

Better visibility allows for better planning and drive lower safety stock levels without having to compromise on supply chain resilience.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Achieve higher customer satisfaction through better forecasting and delivery reliability.

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Heighten Workplace Satisfaction

Attract supply chain talent by offering a modern and digitized workplace.

Highest Data Security Standards

limbiq provides the highest data security standards.

All limbiq Benefits
In 4 Simple Steps to Success

Getting Started 

- No IT Project Needed

Data Upload

Upload or enter your orders and shipments directly in limbiq

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Dashboard Overview

Once your data is uploaded, all transactions and documents are centrally available for your actions

Track Orders & Shipments

No more calls, mails or spreadsheet updates needed. Track everything centrally in one place

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Invite and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders bringing everyone on the same page

Focus on your Business - Not Spreadsheets

Logistics Use Cases


Manage all your inbound orders and shipments in one tool while connecting shippers and forwarders for a fully digital and collaborative process.

Picture of a large container ship.


Gain a competitive advantage by allowing your B2B customers to track shipments and get real-time updates

View of 4 loading ramps.


Missing transparency into your intra-company shipments through various channels and partners? We solve this.

View of an airport where an airplane is being loaded.

Container Tracking

Real-time container tracking for accurate planning. Stop the guesswork. Get in control.

Shipment Container Tracking.
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What limbiq can deliver for you

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Customer Satisfaction

Benefit from higher customer satisfaction through accurate delivery dates

Efficient Production

Better control on your shipments helps production planning and resource deployment

Higher Revenue

Better planning prevents lost revenue potential and increases your top-line

Cost Control

Better planning avoids unnecessary costs for your organisation and increases efficiencies

Everything in one portal

Benefit from one central repository. No more files, mails, calls or lost PDFs

More fun at work

Without the headaches of non-value adding spreadsheet juggling, your job will be more fun.

Highest Data Security Standards

Made in Germany

Icon Safe Cloud.

Cloud hosted in Germany

limbiq runs in the cloud on servers in Germany

Icon GDPR Check.

Data protection to the highest standards

limbiq is compliant with all GDPR regulations. Your data is protected to the highest standards

Icon Development.

Built in Duisburg, Germany

limbiq is built in Duisburg, Germany. The world’s largest inland port. We live logistics & supply chain management