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about iimbiq.

Everyone wants transparent value chains, but hardly anyone succeeds. Why? Because the world is colourful, complex and diverse! We do not want to change that either. Instead, we combine this diversity with our many years of experience in the field of value chains and the latest technologies in order to improve the interaction between companies and their partners. We want to change the way global supply chains are designed for the future and build a community that stands for intelligent and sustainable collaboration.



A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

We believe that Brands differentiate themselves by providing a superior customer experience.


We believe that the best way to solve the challenges to customer experience is by a team of specialists. 


We believe that supply networks provide the best way to always have the best team of specialists for a given challenge.



Evolution from Supply Chain to Supply Network

Most supply chains have evolved to their current state over years. They are efficient, but they are not very good in dealing with change. Often they cannot meet the growing requirements in flexibility and time to market that are demanded by a customer base that expects a different collection 52 times a year.


This creates challenges that are exceedingly difficult to address. Legacy software systems and slow development processes prohibit optimal adaption to unforeseen circumstances.


Limbiq creates software that allows fast adaption to change, to get the right help in real time.



Our data driven tool identifies and solves the problems in real time

We start off with a beautiful platform that solves a simple question: When can I finally receive my product?


It gives a brand real-time control over an important part of the supply process: Where is my product?


The forwarder will tell you where is your shipment, we will tell you what’s in it.

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