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How Enterprises Automate ETA Tracking With limbiq

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This blog post discusses how customers can use Limbiq and the benefits they can achieve, focusing on sea-freight tracking. Limbiq customers can increase operational efficiency by over 40% and save millions in demurrage and detention costs.

Supply Chains Must Run Smoothly and Be Transparent

One of the primary tasks of supply chain managers is to track goods and shipments from the moment an order is placed until the goods are received. They are responsible for managing the shipment from the time the order is placed until the goods arrive at the warehouse. To accomplish this task, they rely on ETA updates from involved partners such as suppliers, forwarders, carriers, booking agents, or ports.

For businesses that cannot afford high safety stock levels, timely arrival of goods is essential. However, supply chains do not always run smoothly, and when disruptions occur, it is important to understand their impact on ETA in order to take action.

The limbiq platform offers a solution to this particular use case. Many of our customers used to track ETAs manually, which was time-consuming and required significant effort. With our platform, they have automated the tracking process, receiving alerts only when action is required.

The limbiq Connected Lean SCM Data Model provides transparency

Limbiq is uniquely positioned to provide sea-freight shipment tracking on a line-item (SKU) level. We designed the data model in such a way that the data objects are interconnected but do not depend on each other, allowing anyone in the supply chain to update the data. Additionally, limbiq integrates with third-party SCM data services to automatically update order and shipment information with the latest changes. In cases of deviation, the platform's alert management triggers, and the supply chain manager only needs to attend to the deviations instead of tracking all shipments.

Sea Freight Tracking and Updates - who provides what when

Through our APIs, supply chain managers can use various tracking data providers and sources to automatically update shipments in Limbiq. By linking purchase order and shipment information such as Bill of Lading or packing lists, Limbiq customers can track updates even at the SKU-level. If a salesperson wants to know the arrival of a specific line item for an important customer, they are only two clicks away. Limbiq provides tracking APIs from the following sources:

Real-Time Vessel Tracking

limbiq provides real-time vessel tracking, allowing supply chain managers to always be aware of their goods in transit.

Real-Time Container Tracking

This feature allows limbiq customers to track specific containers. By examining the relationships to other data in limbiq, you can immediately see which order and SKU are related to each container.

Real-Time Port Updates

limbiq provides port data for selected ports on its platform. This allows supply chain managers to track container arrivals and verify that the data corresponds with the port information. Additionally, they can receive dock information.

The Operational Benefits:

SKU-Level Visibility - limbiq tracks sea-freight shipments on a line-item level and provides visibility on a SKU-level.

Automated ETA Updates - ETAs are automatically updated.

Automated Alerts - limbiq sends automated alerts based on rules set by the user.

Partner Communication - In case of need, supply chain managers can use the in-line communications to clarify any questions with suppliers or forwarders.

The Financial Benefits:

No Demurrage & Detention Costs - With limbiq, supply chain managers can stay on top of their estimated time of arrivals (ETAs), thus preventing demurrage and detention costs.

Lower Stock Levels - limbiq creates visibility and supports supply chain managers in their planning, helping to lower safety stock levels.

Preventing Extra Transportation Costs - By knowing early if a shipment is delayed, supply chain managers can take countermeasures early on and prevent a later stage emergency air freight or express shipment.

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