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Benefits for Executives

How limbiq improves your day-to-day operations and helps in the right areas:

Benefit 01

More Cash

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Reduce Detention and Demurrage Cost

limbiq provides transparency on all your shipments on all Modes-of-Transport (MOT) and on SKU Level. limbiq works with a large number of forwarders and connects third party tools (seafreight vessel and container tracking, port-calls)  to track and trace all your shipments.This provides a level of visibility that enables you plan better and avoid retention and demurrage costs.

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Lower Safety Stock Levels

Volatile Supply Chains call for higher stafety stock levels in order to prevent production interruptions. This increases the cost for your organization. A better visibility into your supply chain enables your organization to plan better and hence optimize safety stock levels freeing cash.

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Less (Emergency) Transportation Cost

Without the visibility into your ETAs, it is not uncommon to order unplanned transportation to move goods. This will increase the cost of transportation for your organization. With the visibility that limbiq provides, your organization will be able to plan downstream processes and reduce the cost of transportation.

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No IT project and no Capex

limbiq runs in the cloud and is licensed in an annual subscription service. This prevents your organization from large upfont investments into your IT or capital license expenditures.Your IT can focus on the relevant areas while the supply chain team can start in the cloud with minimal training.

Benefit 02

Higher Growth

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Prevent Production Delays

Efficient production relies on a steady stream of raw materials and availability of parts and components. If supply chains are disrupted and your organization has no insights or data to plan on, consequences will be grave: production will be delayed, customers can be dissatisfied, revenue can be lost.

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Enable Better Execution

Organizations will only be able to grow if the execution is efficient and digitized. Without the relevant data and KPIs you will be flying blind. limbiq digitizes your supply chain and provides visibility into shipments even on SKU level. All your internal and external stakeholders have access to the same data and can instantly collaborate to accelerate the execution for your organization.

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Increase Productivity

In times of volatile supply chain and scarce workforce, productivity is a key factor to achieve the organization’s objektives of growth. Your team needs to be able to achieve more with less.limbiq is a key enabler to increase the productivity of your team as it reduces the manual workload, streamlines the decision-making process and automates the data integration thus relieving your team of all the manual tasks they do today via e-mail and spreadsheets.

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Optimize and Automate Processes

Supply Chains and internal productivity depend on functioning processes. Too many companies still struggle with media breaks in the processes or manual steps in between. Visibility into the supply chain is not widely available and cannot be shared with other internal and external stakeholders. limbiq will visualize your as is processes and help you bridge gaps and reduce manual steps in between for a fully digitized supply chain management.

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Sell More Goods

If you are selling goods and your revenue depends on imports from abroad, functioning supply chains are the key to your success. limbiq will give you supply chain visibility instantly and enables you to manage and coordinate effectively and collaborate with your key partners in one central platform.

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Enable Sales

limbiq takes away the pain that delayed shipments or production delays have when speaking to customers. Your sales team will now be able to do what they do best: sell more.

Benefit 03

Better Workforce Attraction & Retention

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Modern Tool and Platform

Attracting and retaining talent is crucial to running a business and an effective supply chain. With limbiq, you are able to provide your team a modern software tool make faster and more informed decisions, receive alerts on everything that needs your attention and the ability to collaborate with all partners directly on one modern tool.

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Decrease Manual Work

Sending e-mails, entering data manually in Spreadsheets, looking for documents on a shared drive….
Does that sound familiar? It is one step better than a fax but far away from digitization.
With limbiq, your team can serve all internal and external stakeholders with all necessary information in one platform. Make use of automated alerts, tracking links generated from the system and automated ETA updates.

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Reduces Time to Search

Many organizations struggle from decentralized file sharing via e-Mail. Files are stored in ERP systems, in e-mail folders, on shared drives. This leads to the problem that your team members need to look for them manually in various different places. limbiq provides one central SCM collaboration tool with enhanced search mechanisms so that your team has everything it needs in one place.

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Proactive Alerts and Deviation Management

limbiq provides pro-active alerts and shows all deviations from the norm you define. This enables your team to achieve more with less. Where your team previously had to look manually through a long excel list to find problematic shipment and then perhaps check various websites or partners on ETA updates, you know have limbiq. Everything automated and at your fingertips.

Benefit 04

Higher Customer Satisfaction

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Always Ship On-Time

Customers hate waiting on products and the uncertainty along with it. When you manage your supply chain with limbiq, these problems are in the past. The complete supply chain visibility of limbiq allows for a better production planning. Your goods will go out on time and your customers will love you for it. Just imagine your competition. They won’t.

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Provide Self-Service Tracking

Increase your customer service and customer satisfaction by providing a tracking link to your customers so that they can plan the arrival of the goods.

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Collaborate With Customers

Just imagine the customer retention levels you can achieve when you directly collaborate with your customers on specific shipments in real time. Your potential to upsell. Your potential to expand. Just imagine….

Benefit 05

Fully Digital

Dashboard with a Shipment Management Tool.
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Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

limbiq is software as a service. No capex investment required. Also, you will benefit from new feature development and our scm digitization experts.

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GDPR Compliance

limbiq is hosted in Germany and fully GDPR compliant. Your personal data is save with us.

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Modern Software Stack

limbiq rethinks supply chain collaboration on a modern software stack. We build and deploy without disruption and you will benefit from continuous innovation delivered onto the platform.

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Globally Available

limbiq is globally available and customers today collaborate with partners all over the world centrally in one platform: limbiq.

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Easy to Use

limbiq is a modern tool that in intuitive and easy to use. There is no user training required and our best practice onboarding will get your team live in no time,

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Open API

limbiq is fully flexible and provides a modern API to connect any of your or your partner’s systems easily to the platform.

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SCM KPI Tracking

limbiq provides granular raw data to feed downstream visualization and analytics tool. This enables you to track the relevant KPIs from limbiq in your existing infrastructure without any further investments.

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Audit Trail

limbiq’s log book provides a complete audit trail on who did what in the system. You always know exactly who made a change and when it happened.

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