Why limbiq?

Enabling Digital Supply Chains

Because we make Supply Chain Management Software not only easy and fun, but also deliver tremendous value to our customers by functioning as the Supply Chain Control Tower.

What our users have to say:
limbiq saved us one day a week
limbiq is a no-brainer
limbiq is a dream for every supply chain manager
In every larger organization, limbiq is a must have
limbiq helps us to overcome the limits of our ERP system
SCM made easy

Why limbiq?

With limbiq, Supply Chain Managers can focus on the tasks that matter, like order management, container tracking or supplier relationship management. We give you the tools to rethink and digitize your supply chain, reducing manual workload, integrate supply chain partners, improve shipment management or help to optimize working capital and improve your customer relationships.

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More Collaboration & Flexibility

limbiq provides more collaboration and flexibility than your ERP system for SCM!

Fast Return on Investment

limbiq is priced at a level that provides a stellar business case unlike large SCM suites!

Focused on Delivering Value

limbiq is neutral and focused to deliver value through the product unlike forwarder tools!

Grow as you go Model

limbiq offers a grow-as-you-go model to start your digitization journey where you are today.

Supply Chain Management can be easy!
Pain Points

Today’s Challenges in Supply Chain Departments

Do any of the following problems sound familiar?

Too many inquiries where the goods and shipment are?

No problem, give internal stakeholders access to limbiq and they can see the updates. No more daily inquiries.

Not enough talent to manage the workload?

We make you more efficient so that you get more done with less resources. Unleash the power of a modern SaaS solution.

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Too many excel spreadsheets you need to update?

No problem, we map them and you can upload them in limbiq. See every change right away at your fingertips. Connect this to our alert management and your work becomes a lot more fun.

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Lacking visibility into your shipment status?

No problem, with limbiq, you track container, vessels and orders. Even on SKU level.

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Too much inventory because of safety stock levels?

Use limbiq to gain better forecasting accuracy and free working capital. The finance team will become your new best friend.

Too much uncertainty about risks in the supply chain?

Book a demo now and we will show you how to minimize your risk exposure and regain command and control into your shipments.

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Need a tool to digitize your SCM, but IT has no resources?

No worries, limbiq runs in the cloud and your IT will love us as we do not need their resources but at the same ensure compliance.

Want to digitize your supply chain management but don’t know how?

Talk to us! We will walk you through a step-by-step path to digitize your supply chain within weeks.


How limbiq Will Be Your Growth Enabler


Implement limbiq -
From evaluation to onboarding in 6 weeks!

You start the journey to digitize your Supply Chain Management with a structured process for fast time to value. This prevents having to invest upfront and this is no IT project. We will complete it with you and your team.

Along that journey, we build the benefit case together. So, you will know the ROI of limbiq before making a buying decision.
Process Analysis
We’ll collect and analyze your as-is processes and data objects and will give a recommendation on how to best proceed
Proof of Concept (POC)
If you decide to proceed, we’ll set up a workspace for you to test limbiq under real conditions with defined success criteria
Dashboard with a Shipping Management Tool.
When all success criteria of the POC have been met, the both of us will define project scope and implementation plan in a SOW... and then kick it off!

Continuous Customer Success Management -
limbiq Supports Your Goals

limbiq’s customer success and support teams are always at your side to ensure a wide adoption of the solution amongst your team, your company stakeholders and external partners like suppliers, forwarders or carriers. We provide trainings, peer networking events, expert advise and an open ear to all your challenges.

Outcomes of A Full Supply Chain Digitization

You will achieve the benefits of a fully digital supply chain management within weeks:

  • E-mails with spreadsheet attachments will be replaced by automation
  • Internal information requests and phone calls will be replaced by self-service access and alerts
  • Customer satisfaction will rise due to increased delivery reliability and self-service tracking links
  • Supply chain risks will be transparent and better to deal with
Shipment Management Tool.
  • Automated alerts will help you prioritize your daily work
  • All documents are in one single place
  • A click on the log-book shows all changes in the system to keep track
  • Increase employee happiness by working with a modern tool
Shipment Management Documentation.

From Supply Chain Management To Competitive Advantage

  • No manual efforts to manage stakeholders and partners
  • No manual tracking and tracing of shipments
  • Lower safety stock levels
  • Lower demurrage and detention costs
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Lower risk of disruption and lost revenues
  • Better attraction and retention of talented employees
Trusted by Leaders in Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics
The Easy Supply Chain Software

How it works

It takes many different parties sending many messages, calls and spreadsheet-updates to receive one shipment. When things go wrong, shipments get delayed, revenue gets lost. 

With limbiq, all communications, partners and shipments are in one platform for full transparency and timely actions.

limbiq is ready to use. No IT-project required!