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Benefits for Operational SCM

How limbiq improves your day-to-day operations and helps in the right areas:

Benefit 01

Ease of Use

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Reduce Manual Work

Spreadsheets and e-mails are not equivalent to supply chain digitization and they also have many deficits when it comes to searching and data management. limbiq provides a central platform that processes the data from your partners automatically without manual entries. Further, you can offer internal and external partners access to seek information directly. Can you imagine a world where nobody calls to ask where the shipment is? With limbiq, you can get there.

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No More Missing Information

If all the information of your suppliers, goods, orders and shipments are stored in different spaces and formats (e-mail, pdf, spreadsheets,…) it will be very difficult to find something if you need it urgently. With limbiq, you can change into a world, where the entire information is at your fingertips and searchable. Save hours every day with limbiq.

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Central Document Management

Managing a supply chain entails managing many different documents. Companies struggle with the accurate storing of these files. Some are in the ERP, some are on a drive and some are in an e-mail inbox. But they are never there when you need them, right? limbiq has a central document management for all supply chain docs your partners can upload them for you.

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Exception Handling

You manage hundreds of shipments a year. In times of volatile supply chains, things can go wrong. limbiq will help manage the exceptions easily without having to spend time searching through spreadsheets or mails. Just do your best work, easily.

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Slot Management

Plan your shipments on the day and hour so that the goods receipts processes are streamlined

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limbiq provides all data easily for import into your analytics tool to track KPIs and understand how you can evolve your supply chain resilience.

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Track and Trace

limbiq provides visibility into all your modes-of-transport in connection with the ability to use external API calls to update the data. Next to a number of forwarders, limbiq has integrated over 70 carriers and ports for updates of ETA and follow-up-planning.

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End-To-End Processes

Stop using a number of tools to manage you supply chain processes entirely. limbiq covers end-to-end the entire supply chain process in one central platform.

Benefit 02

Great Support

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No Training Required

limbiq is ready to use and requires no formal training. However, we will be supporting you during the onboarding phase to ensure you get up to speed quickly and a fast time to value.

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Customer Success Management

limbiq’s customer success management will work besides you to ensure all your objectives are reached. We share best practices and have regular touch-points with you.

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Power User Community

limbiq invites customers to exchange on the latest supply chain management developments and shares its vision and roadmap at our free annual Power User Day.

Benefit 03

Budget Friendly

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Free For Partners

Participation in limbiq is free for all your partners and our users are generally unlimited so that you will benefit the most from the collaboration features.

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All Internal Stakeholders

Invite all your internal stakeholders into limbiq and share important updates on shipments with the team. The best part: they will stop calling or e-mail you for updates.

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limbiq allows to start with the set you need at the very beginning and then grow. This is budget-friendly and you only pay for what you use and need.

Benefit 04

Integrates Easily

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open API

Through limbiq’s open API, data flows easily. Integrate partners and systems without hazzle.

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Algorithms & Mappings

limbiq’s secret sauce contains algorithms that understand supply chain documents. What ever you have: spreadsheets, pdfs, orders, shipments, packing lists, limbiq will be able to automatically import it and you are ready to go.

Benefit 05

Used by Everyone

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Stakeholder Management

Daily supply chain operations entail a number of collaboration and communication channels with internal and external stakeholders. This is really great if the communication aims to achieve strategic objectives for the company or your work. If the communication is mainly driven by operational inefficiencies such as “where is my container?” than this is not helpful.limbiq eliminates all non-value adding communication so that you and your internal and external stakeholders can focus on the relevant issues.

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Supplier Management

limbiq allows you to manage all your suppliers centrally. This includes orders, shipments, documents, tracking links, tracking across all MOTs. Need feedback? No problem, just use the in-line chat in limbiq.

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Expectation Management

When all your supply chain information is easily accessible and automated alerts are created, all your stakeholders will always be up-today. This is how you manage expectations in the modern age.

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