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limbiq releases new UI

limbiq releases new UI

It's mid-June and summer is around the corner. We have been busy taking our customers' feedback seriously and re-designing some central parts of our solution. We want to make data accessible so that our users can quickly find what they need to know.

Legacy Supply Chain Management (SCM) suites can take far too long to deliver value. Time-consuming and complex implementations with configurations on every level prolong the onboarding of users and delay the solution's implementation. This shouldn't be the case.

limbiq was designed to help our customers achieve results that matter quickly. Our mission is to continuously improve our product by providing customers with an intuitive and powerful interconnected platform, an easy-to-use UX, an effective onboarding process, and a collaborative approach to SCM.

Intuitive User Experience

limbiq features an intuitive interface that does not require an engineering degree. Our interactive and easily customizable shipment and order transaction screens provide stakeholders with the insights they need, when they need them.

Here's how we make it easy for you:

  • We provide automated notifications and alerts to accelerate decision-making.
  • Our intelligent search and filtering capabilities enable rapid analysis of data.
  • We enable quick stakeholder access to workspaces.

What is new in limbiq?

We launched a completely new design for sorting and filtering data. You will find all filters and sorting features on top of your list, now, so you don't have to open any sliders, anymore. Now, limbiq users are even faster when they filter for information. Everything is on one screen and easy to access.

User can also far more easier drill down to single SKUs by expanding the transaction:

The same applies to the shipment screen:

Are you still receiving too many excel spreadsheets via e-mail and would like to see how limbiq can work with your individual data?

Let uns show you how limbiq can save your transport and logistics team 10+ hours per week.

In a free personalized call, we’ll show you how:

  • limbiq would work for you and your team
  • to track shipments, bookings and orders on SKU-level in real time
  • to collaborate with all your partners along the supply chain
  • to be automatically alerted when schedules change
  • to integrate all your partners data automatically

Just go to this page and enter your data. We will contact you immediately to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

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